Traditional Tuareg Jewelry

For centuries, the Tuareg of West Africa have been renowned around the world for their stunning jewelry, which holds cultural and social value, often identifying one's clan and marriage status. This jewelry is the real thing.

Tuareg Leather

The Tuareg women are creating new products and adapting their craft for international markets. With support from RAIN and donors like you, the women have designed these fantastic pieces of art. These activities serve to preserve their culture while adapting to the ever-changing world.  100% of your purchase goes to the Tuareg women artisans who crafted the item.

Wodaabe Embroidery

Beauty is very important to the Wodaabe, and this is reflected in the gorgeous items they create. The women artisans of the Barka Cooperative live the hamlet of Foudouk in northern Niger. With RAIN, they learn new ways to utilize and market their traditional skills. They are passionate about providing opportunities for their children.

Artistry of Agadez

 The herding cultures are cherished for their unique art. The region of Agadez is the heart of Niger's nomadic homelands and it is almost all covered by the Sahara desert. The people are herders of goats, sheep and camels. These animals are the basis of nomadic life.

Thank you for your support!

Your purchase directly supports programs providing access to education and opportunity. Give the gift of agency - help a child learn, a women earn, and a community thrive! 


We envision thriving West African communities which hold the power to create their own futures. 


Rain for the Sahel and Sahara forges partnerships with rural and nomadic peoples in Niger to enable enduring and relevant livelihoods through access to education and opportunity.

We envision thriving West African communities which hold the power to create their own futures. 

RAIN values mutual respect – the giving and sharing of knowledge, skills and resources between RAIN and our stakeholders – our partner communities in West Africa. Basic education and secure livelihoods are critical to accessing the world of possibility for nomadic and rural peoples and their families.  


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