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For centuries, the Tuareg of West Africa have been renown around the world for their stunning jewelry

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Jewelry holds cultural and social value in Niger, often identifying one's clan and marriage status.

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With the help of RAIN and donors like you the artisans have created these stunning art pieces.

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My Re-Legion with Ancestors

I do not wear or own much jewelry. However, I am sincerely grateful for this website and this particular item. I have purchased two of the Agadez crosses. DNA testing led me to Tuareg and the cross of Agadez. While I know the style and craftsmanship are specific to a region and tribe, this piece of jewelry is closer than I have ever been to my ancestors. This is my Re-Legion or Tie back to my ancestors. This makes my heart glad. With DNA testing and a brief study of the Tuareg, I have a better understanding of my family. I see the strength, pride and dignity in the women of my family. The chance to aid in education and empowerment is great. I am sharing your website with my family members.

J. Williams

Car mirror ornament

Beautifully made colorful ornament that hangs from my mirror (I don't have a camel or a horse).

Doug Knight

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