Show your love of West African culture - wear it! December 16 2013

Welcome to the online store of Rain for the Sahel and Sahara!

Based in Portsmouth, NH, RAIN forges partnerships with underserved rural and nomadic communities of West Africa to realize their ambitions for education, food security and enduring livelihoods. Our grassroots programs focus especially on empowering girls and women. We work in Niger - ranked among the poorest countries in the world. However, Niger is rich with a cultural heritage that includes the legendary Tuareg camel caravaners of the Sahara, known for their striking jewelry and leatherwork, and the fascinating cattle herding Wodaabe of the Sahel, world famous for their elaborate embroidery. We draw upon these centuries old traditions to share cultural treasures direct from Niger with you. When you purchase authentic Tuareg jewelry or a one of a kind item hand crafted by the women artisans in RAIN co-operatives, you are helping to make possible transformative change in the Sahel and Sahara.

Enjoy and thank you for your interest!  
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